A custom clearance procedure involves submitting documentation necessary to help with export and import procedures, describing the client through custom evaluation, payment of duties, examination and receiving cargo after clearance. There are a variety of hoops you have to deal with if you are an importer or exporter of goods. You may know the steps you must take to get goods in or out of the country. Legal procedures must be followed, along with completing documentation and several other obligations. There is a possibility that this may be a timely exercise that takes you away from your core business responsibilities. As one of the world’s leading logistic companies with a wealth of experience, One Global Logistics custom clearance Gold Coast is known for providing efficient work, creative solutions, and outstanding results tailored to your needs.

Custom Clearance Process

As part of the custom clearance Gold Coast process, the shipping bill must be filed, and the ensuing activities must be undertaken during the remainder of the process. There are, however, a few prerequisites you must meet before attempting to get your goods cleared by custom. There is no doubt that freight forwarders play an important role in custom clearance. When resolving the issues associated with a commercial export, a freight forwarder can work with a custom broker to clear the issues up.

Initial steps in the custom clearance process 

  • ​​​​​​​​Warehouse Declaration
  • Declarations for imported goods
  • Risk Management System
  • Import Declaration
  • Self-Assessed Clearance Declaration
  • Shipping Bill
  • Lodge an Import Declaration or a Warehouse Declaration in person

Exports Documentation custom clearance 

  • Shipping bill
  • Buy order from Buyer
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading or air waybill
  • Sales Invoice

Imports Documentation

  • Purchase Order from Buyer
  • Bill of Entry
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading or Airwaybill
  • Sales Invoice of the supplier
  • Certificate of Origin

Commuters, investors, and other business officials have had to check through the custom clearance Gold Coast process when importing or exporting goods from one country to another. It is necessary to follow certain rules to complete the custom clearance process. As part of the custom clearance procedure, the importer or exporter must submit valid documentation to proceed smoothly. 

Final Thoughts

The custom clearance Gold Coast procedure is an important task that all the importers and exporters must complete before a trade amplification between the countries. To ensure the smooth running of the entire process, the importer and exporter must ensure both parties have all the necessary documents that will be required to be assessed during the time of the bill of entry. Whenever you need assistance with custom clearance Gold Coast procedures, imports, or exports, you may contact One Global Logistics, one of Australia’s top freight forwarding companies.

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