To whom it may concern,

I have known James Sparke, Managing Director of One Global Logistics, for over 15 years now and he has provided Australian Automotive Parts a wonderful freight forwarding service throughout that time.

When James came back into the industry and started One Global Logistics in 2010 , AAP was straight on board.

After James had sold his previous business, AAP used a number of larger, some larger multi-international freight forwarders and the experience and service level was never the same from what we had previously expected & enjoyed from James & his team.

OGL gives us that personal experience and attention that a SME Importer requires. AAP imports from numerous countries and ports and One Global’ s extensive global network has all bases covered.

Our suppliers have good contact with their international partners meaning all shipments are processed with ease. We like the fact that we are presented with a weekly report , each and every Sunday night , that allows us to track all shipments, arrival dates and expected delivery to our national warehouses.  We have tried alternative freight forwarders over the years, often tempted by a cheaper container rates, only to find in the long run the pricing ends up the same , with no point of contact when required and overall to no advantage to us when service is urgently needed.

I would highly recommend One Global Logistics to any importer , either just starting out or a well established business. James and his team have a wealth of experience and knowledge in global freight forwarding and we find it a pleasure doing business with them , not often I say that about a supplier!

Your sincerely,

John Bourne
Managing Director
Australian Automotive Parts Pty Ltd.