Singapore offers unparalleled connectivity to the region and beyond, having been ranked as Asia’s top logistics hub for the past ten years by the World Bank. Due to its competitive advantages, such as its efficient, reliable and resilient network, Singapore has improved its status as a global logistics hub amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Singapore is a transhipment hub with over 600 ports in 120 countries and is the busiest in the world. Leading Maritime Capitals of the World consistently ranks it at the top of the list. More than 23 Free Trade Agreements have been implemented by Singapore, enhancing its access to major markets. Companies across the logistics chain, including Gold Coast freight forwarding companies, are encouraged to operate from Singapore in this way since they can rely on frequent and reliably accessing global markets. Singapore has accomplished much over the years. Developing countries that seek to improve their logistics or freight forwarding network could benefit from this experience.

Important factors that make Singapore the hub for International Freight

Exceptional infrastructure and processes

A significant strength of Singapore’s logistics industry is its infrastructure and processes, which are among the most advanced in the world. Next Generation Port 2030 will make Singapore the most integrated port globally, capable of handling 65 million standard shipping containers, which is very important news for logistics companies and Gold Coast freight forwarding companies like One Global Logistics. In addition, data analytics are being used to predict traffic congestion spots for driverless automated guided vehicles.

Conversational and creative platform

Singapore’s government has also been attracting investors by establishing an investment climate conducive to private sector participation. As a result, the top 25 global players conduct business in today’s Singapore, making it a hub for major logistic firms. Moreover, all of these companies, including Gold Coast freight forwarding companies significant logistics and supply chain operations and their specialized capabilities are located. As a result, Singapore has become a hub for logistics and supply chain solutions, and it enjoys a vibrant and integrated ecosystem that allows for the growth of logistics.  

Trusted and safe logistics hub

Singapore has a track record of undeniable excellence when it comes to air and seaports. The World Bank’s 2014 Logistics Performance Index has ranked Singapore among the top 5 logistics hubs globally. Singapore’s initiative to boost its logistics will undoubtedly attract more logistics companies as well as Gold Coast freight forwarding companies to set up here due to increased power. Due to numerous technological advancements and much support from multiple government entities, Singapore will be able to maintain its track record of excellence in logistics services.


The Port of Singapore is employing new technologies to enhance operational efficiency. The innovations include remotely controlled vessel piloting, preventing illegal bunkering, and optimizing maritime senses’ anchorage use. If you require a reliable freight forwarding company to handle all your logistics processes, then you can rely on One Global Logistics, which is one of the best Gold Coast freight forwarding companies in Australia. The companywill guide you through your shipping process due to our years of experience and skill with shipments of all shapes, sizes, and characters. One Global Logistics specialist can help you decide which method of shipment is best for you, comply with customs regulations, or maximize your shipments.