Ocean freight is a complicated industry. And you’ll want to ensure that the people you engage with, particularly those responsible for transporting your cargo are a good fit for your organization.

One Global Logistics freight forwarders Brisbane operates in a variety of ways and provides quality solutions for your logistics commitments, globally. Therefore, before deciding, it’s usually a good idea to dispel any worries you may have regarding their services, locations, and even their network.

Listed below are some important questions to ask your freight forwarder Brisbane to obtain the information you need to assist your organization. 

Is your network extensive?

A freight forwarder’s international network must be reliable and well-established. This streamlines the shipping procedure for its clients, resulting in a more efficient end-to-end process. The broader the freight forwarder’s network, the more likely it will be able to meet shippers’ requests and requirements.

 Is it possible to track my cargo?

Being able to track any cargo, whether it’s an Amazon order or a DHL parcel you’re waiting for, is critical in today’s world. The shipping business is no exception. With a tracking solution, you can better organize your logistical requirements and get a heads up on a backup plan in case something goes wrong. This provides you with peace of mind and guarantees that you adhere to your contractual obligations to suppliers and clients across your supply chain.

 Can you assist me in clearing customs?

In ocean freight, customs clearance is critical, as it can either make or break your shipment as well as your entire supply chain. Customs clearance is generally handled by a freight forwarder Brisbane like One Global Logistics. Other companies may act solely as forwarders, handling only the logistics and transportation of your item.

Is it possible to get a quote quickly?

Rates vary according to various criteria, including sail date, carrier, and quantity of product. Therefore, the sooner you obtain a quote, the sooner you may begin planning your cargo to ensure that you fulfill your deadlines.

 What is included in the rates?

Even now, a sizable percentage of the ocean freight business remains opaque. While many major freight forwarders in Brisbane are attempting to increase price transparency, it’s always prudent to obtain a breakdown of the services included in their container shipping costs. With One Global there are no hidden charges, the prices you are quoted is the price it will be.

Are you bonded and licensed?

Ensure that your freight forwarder Brisbane is licensed and bonded before agreeing to do business with them. A registered freight forwarder is obligated to adhere to the licensing body’s laws, including acceptable norms, standards, and pricing. Bonded freight forwarders protect their customers and may compensate them if they incur financial losses.

Is there anything special I need to know at the destination?

Import regulations vary considerably between countries – even for the same goods. This is especially true if you are relocating internationally. Certain countries have extremely tight regulations for certain personal items and automobiles. Ensure that you verify with your freight forwarder at the destination to determine whether there are any unique requirements you should be aware of. This may include individual licenses for your shipment or additional documentation.

How can I ship by a certain date or make sure my cargo arrives by a certain time?

Notify your freight forwarder promptly if you have an urgent shipment so they can arrange accordingly. Bear in mind that securing the first available sail date and vessel may result in higher rates. Occasionally, it may be worthwhile to pay a little more for faster transit or a direct route that provides greater reliability. While some shippers wish to expedite the delivery of their shipment, others prefer a more inexpensive option.

The world of freight forwarding has changed dramatically over the last 2 years and you need a team with you that you can trust. One Global Logistics treats your logistics needs as if it was their own. For any advice contact the team at One Global Logistics.